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Are you a landscape photographer?

Check out these free photography tutorials¬†and lightroom presets by Mikko Lagerstedt. He goes in-depth on how to shoot in popular landscape situations: fog, mist, milky way, panoramas, and more. He also has lightroom presets that will help your landscape images stand out from the rest on Instagram. It is surprisingly difficult to take an incredible photo of the earth and make it look like you have a unique and interesting perspective. That is the challenge of landscape photography. It is also the easiest of subjects to work with. You don’t need to ask permission or worry about awkward chit-chat during the shoot. It’s just the earth and you.

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Do you have any landscape photography tips?

If so, leave them in the comments. We’d love to hear from you. Let us know your greatest challenges and how you’ve overcome them. Landscape photography can be a lonely passion, long days alone in the bitter cold, but it is usually worth the work.