Are you a landscape photographer?

Check out these free photography tutorials and lightroom presets by Mikko Lagerstedt. He goes in-depth on how to shoot in popular landscape situations: fog, mist, milky way, panoramas, and more. He also has lightroom presets that will help your landscape images stand out from the rest on Instagram. It is surprisingly difficult to take an incredible photo of the earth and make it look like you have a unique and interesting perspective. That is the challenge of landscape photography. It is also the easiest of subjects to work with. You don’t need to ask permission or worry about awkward chit-chat during the shoot. It’s just the earth and you.

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Do you have any landscape photography tips?

If so, leave them in the comments. We’d love to hear from you. Let us know your greatest challenges and how you’ve overcome them. Landscape photography can be a lonely passion, long days alone in the bitter cold, but it is usually worth the work.


Weddings costs a decent amount of money, which is why we keep savings but you don’t only save for weddings, you have a honeymoon to pay for too, maybe a down payment for your new apartment. Not all of us can afford to have a grand wedding. You have to pay the caterers, the decorators, the florist, your dress, the venue itself and now there is the entire issue of Wedding Photography too.

Your wedding is also going to be one of the most important days of your life. You are finally officiating your bond with the love of your life and marking the day you face the world together as one. So, you want to make sure that you get lots of pictures. Pictures of you with your spouse and all the loved ones who have gathered to celebrate this special day with you.

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photography by Dylan M Howell Photography

Most couples opt for professional photographers to cover their wedding and that is the normal route to go. However, Wedding Photography has become a serious job so the charges are relatively higher as well now. All of this sounds very tempting but there is the problem that this will cut an even bigger hole in your savings. So, even if you ditch the wedding photographer, what will you do about the pictures? You can either hope to take good pictures with your own phone or you can opt for amateur wedding pictures to be taken by a family member. Before you make this decision, let us first look into some pros and cons.


  • The biggest advantage here is that you will be saving a lot of money by hiring a friend or loved one to become your wedding photographer, they will give you a hefty discount or some close family members even do it free of cost in some cases.
  • There is a little discomfort at the prospect of a stranger taking pictures of you so you cannot help but be a little stiff. Since you and your partner know the person who will be recording the video, you will feel more comfortable around them and will be free to be and act like yourselves.
  • Not all relatives are camera-friendly or do not like their pictures being taken. Being a member of the family themselves, your amateur photographer can take the right pictures they need without disrespecting anyone’s wishes.
  • There are some moments that require privacy and some matter where you know you should not shoot or record. Your friend/relative will understand these private moments unlike professionals who do not understand them.


  • Most amateur photographers aren’t equipped or used to handling sudden technical difficulties that most likely take placing during large-scale events in big venues, so the chances of them bringing backup equipment is very low.
  • The biggest issue with having an amateur shooting your wedding is that there will be compromise in terms of your picture and video quality. Some pictures might not be that clear or you can find shakiness in the video etc.

Your Wedding

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Your Wedding: What to Keep in Mind

There comes a point in our lives where we start looking for stability. Where night outs with our friends and waking up in an empty bed is no longer enough. We start wanting to spend nights in and falling asleep and then waking up to the same person every day. Spending Sunday mornings sleeping in comfortably or just lazing around with someone around and generally enjoying their company.

Finding that someone is obviously not an easy job. Sometimes it takes years and for some people that person is just around the corner but once you find that someone, you do not want to let them go. So, when they first popped the big question, you probably couldn’t help but be overwhelmed because this is something you have wanted for so long. Obviously, the ring itself does not hold any literal meaning, rather it symbolizes that you are ready to immortalize your love, to spend every day with them till the day you leave this world.

So, after the engagement, comes the wedding. Your wedding day is going to undoubtedly be one of the most important days of your life and will mark the beginning of your life as spouses. The months that stand between you and your wedding day are also going to be one of the most difficult and stressful months of your life as well since there are a lot of preparations that need to be done. However, we are going to remind you of a few things to help you center yourself.

There is no such thing as an easy wedding. Every wedding faces some problems. Either you do not get the venue you wanted, your caterer or florist could back out last minute, your dress might have been altered incorrectly or you run into a huge traffic jam etc. These are all factors you cannot control and letting them become the cause of ruin for your wedding day will not help. Even the most perfect looking wedding has some problems that they had to sort till the last minute. So, it will not be exactly the way you imagined it and that is okay.

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Do not compromise on matters that are very important to you. This can include a certain type of cake, your wedding photography etc. You want to make sure that you do not leave room for regrets because you are only looking to get married once.

Take lots of pictures. Get professional wedding photography done because amateur photographs can only capture so many moments. You do not have to pose unnaturally for the pictures. Many professional wedding photographers will ask for the kind of photos you are looking for and you will be surprised at how natural most of the pictures will look. Take a look at the best wedding blogs to get ideas. Your wedding will be you and your significant other looking their best, immortalize the day.

Lastly, have fun. Most couples are so stressed during their wedding day that they forget to enjoy it. So, grab your partner and dance all night, eat what you want and don’t forget to really laugh.

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Our predictions for the future trends are only a bit of the larger puzzle that will certainly emerge soon. All these trends share an ordinary thread of producing the viewers see not only the scene facing them but feel the genuine emotions of expression. Another large trend will be the use of bold patterns, an immediate reply to the minimalism of recent decades.

You’re able to accelerate your work by employing great live customization where you are able to modify or create skins. No coding skills required to get the job finished. An individual can do pretty good design job along with all the tools out there in the package. It was there I realized I wished to go for a career for a fashion stylist. Working in fashion photography provides you with an opportunity to work with the highest-quality models and celebrities in the style industry.

Be certain you are the correct photographer for them and they are the appropriate client for you. Let’s say you’re a passionate photographer who doesn’t have sufficient time and expertise to code a web site. To him photography isn’t only a career. Drone photography and videography is becoming more and more popular, and rightly so, as it is merely so cool. Your wedding photographer won’t spare you some additional efforts to acquire the ideal shot, mirroring your own personal story for a couple. In addition, it plays an important portion of what we’re capturing as wedding photographers and videographers.